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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:39 pm

  • All players must have distinctive names while on the server. Players who join as or rename to "Padawan" will be asked to choose another name. Player names may not be rude or insulting to others.

  • Only members of the +§W+ Clan may wear +§W+ tags, or tags closely resembling them. Do not impersonate members of the +§W+ Clan, or any other gaming community to which you do not belong.

  • Please silence all autorepliers, killtrackers, and Ultra Utilities while on the server.

  • Please avoid spamming any action for the purpose of annoying other players. This includes the repetitive use of binds, emotes, actively goading someone, taunts, and the grappling hook, or repeatedly challenging players who have indicated that they do not wish to duel.

  • Do not spam votes for new maps. Examples of vote spam include calling a poll soon after another successful map vote, or calling a poll shortly after another vote for the same map has failed.

  • Do not use scripts or hacks to gain an advantage over other players. This includes devices such as wallhacks and aimbots.

  • Do not recruit players for another clan or gaming organization involved in Jedi Academy without the permission of the+§W+ Clan.

  • Do not advertise personal or commercial web sites on the server.

  • Do not engage in any kind of sexual activity on the server, including simulated sex or acts representing sexual humiliation.

  • Do not intentionally annoy or harass other players using either public chat or private messages, or pester them to reveal personal information that they wish to keep private.
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Server Rules
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