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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:42 pm

  • Please avoid "bumping" old topics. Most topics are considered stale after one month without any new posts. Instead, start a new thread, unless there's an important reason why the new posts should go in an older thread.

  • Please edit your posts instead of "double posting" in a topic before anyone else has had a chance to reply.

  • Please avoid "flaming" others by using deliberately provocative language or images.

  • Do not advertise any web sites, products, or services without the permission of the +§W+ Clan. To ask permission, contact Ryu-Ran via a private message on the forums.

  • Avoid posting personal information, such as your address, or anything that you might have used as the answer to a security question (such as a pet's name), especially in public areas of the forums.

  • Do not give out any information posted in private areas of the forums.

  • Do not post audio or video files that play automatically when your post is viewed.

  • Do not post copyrighted material, pirated software, or images or discussion of an adult nature. This includes discussions of drugs, sexual activity, or images containing nudity.

  • Do not post links to sites containing illegal or adult material. This includes sites frequently used for illicit file sharing, software piracy, or pornographic web sites.

  • Please report inappropriate material using the "report" button at the bottom of each post.
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Forum Rules
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