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 Clan Rank Descriptions

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PostSubject: Clan Rank Descriptions    Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:53 pm

  • Clan Leader

This is the main founder and owner of the Clan and Server.

  • High Council

This is the Right hand of Clan Leader, he has the right to vote,change,give permissions on anything and everything with Leaders permission.

  • Council

This is the Right hand of High Council member,they have 2 Departmens:
Council of Defense - His job is to keep peace in to the clan, watch on the trolls hackers etc...
Council of Promotions - His job is to Promote/Demote members.

  • Diplomat

The highest Jedi rank the player can have.

  • Master

The player will get this rank after he show how helpful he can be for the clan and players.

  • Knight

It's all about the time how much you spend into this clan.

  • Apprentice

The highest low rank. After this rank,you will be watched.

  • Padawa

This is the 1. rank that you get when you get accepted into the clan.
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Clan Rank Descriptions
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